Our beginnings back in 2009
Our beginnings back in 2009

Our Story

A story of love and heritage.

Inspired by the good old days of Mediterranean coastal towns, Mythpoint Aegean Bistro was opened by Famous Chefs husband and wife team  Cem Biskin (Jimmy) and Cigdem Biskin ( Chichi ) in Westlake Village in 2018. Serving homemade recipes from Greece and Turkey. After a trip to Westlake Village they decided to move from Istanbul and open their first Home made style Bistro after their 13 gourmet Greek and Turkish fine dining restaurants in Turkey. www.mythos.com.tr

Mythpoint Bistro serving homemade and daily family “secret” recipes, healthy food using the freshest ingredients in a welcoming atmosphere. 

In the Bistro, you’re instantly transported to the Greek islands or the Turkish coast with warm, genuine, Mediterranean hospitality.

We created Mythpoint as a reflection of our home, the style of our lives, a way of enjoying precious time with friends and family. Our mission is to create happy guests with our unique meals. You are what you eat…

Our Philosophy 

At Mythpoint Aegean Bistro we only use the kind of ingredients your grandmas would have in their own kitchen. Nothing is frozen, artificial, or refined. We think food should be made of food as in the old days We don’t like thickeners, preservatives, coloring, flavorings, and other additives. But we use spices and tastes coming from our family heritage and land.

We are passionate about nutrient-dense, natural food that tastes good and makes us feel great.




Few photos about us

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